2 1/2 JEWS

The late-ALAN BRANDT (writer of the song "That's All") made his Off-Broadway debut (at the age of 75!) with this critically-acclaimed hit play that ran a full year Off-Broadway in the late-1990s, and the play has now been adapted into an upcoming feature film. Three generations of adult men share a genetic trait of "stubbornness" that pulls them apart from one another. "Nathan Minter", a career-driven famed civil rights attorney, a "defender of the down-trodden," is a real schlemiel on the home court in dealing with his inter-religious marriage, aging and irascible father, and budding lawyer son. His father "Morris Minter" is an octogenarian widower who deals with loneliness by performing acts of civil disobedience, returning used lamb chops to grocery meat counters, and angering big-wigs, thereby attracting the attention of local authorities, the FBI, and Nathan. "Marc Minter" had all the advantages that his father Nathan did not enjoy when he came up in the world, but the younger lawyer denies his father's dream of partnering in a civil rights practice in favor of the fast-track, big bucks world of corporate law; despite all of his material success, happiness eludes Marc because of his phobia to committing to marriage. The Minter men learn that to be more than half a person they must accept each others flaws and the changes that develop in their relationships. While the play's title is certainly a built-in attraction to Jewish audiences, this is a universal story of father-son relationships. (3 males: ages 79, 56, early 30s). www.2and1-2Jews.com

"Understanding and Compassionate"--The New York Times

"A Triple Mitzvah"--NY Law Journal

"Winning Hit Comedy"--NY-1 TV

"Pushes the Right Buttons"--Chicago Sun-Times

"Engaging...Lovely"--Chicago Tribune

"Funny...Any Father, Any Son, Mother and Wife, Will Recognize Themselves"--Arizona Republic

"Thought-Provoking Look at Father-Son Relationships"
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

"One of the Theater's Important Discoveries... A Little Play That Makes a Big Impression"--Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Full of Truth"--The Miami Herald